Turgut Family Photo History 6/6

80 m2 with one of Turkey’s largest studio “Great Studio” opens in Ankara in 1971 by Ahmet Turgut. They used to take photographs of foreign dance groups from 12 meters with a 4×4 white background and 8 meters with a 4×4 black background for newspaper advertisements. For example, photographs were taken of famous vocal artists such as Muazzez Abacı, whose recognition generally started in Ankara.

Fikret Bey, who worked with color laboratories when color started, went to Germany at the end of 1961 as a worker. He gets the right to finish master school and open a photography studio in Germany, and when he returns, he opens the colorful aboratuar Profile Color, where he works with Agfa material in Ankara. However, it closes after a while. Ahmet Bey, who was also the president of the Ankara Photography Artists Association from 1973 to 1982, established the color laboratory after 1984 by taking the Mini Lab Kiss. ​​

He learned Photoshop, uses a computer, and now he is thinking of moving to the digital lab and opening a studio where he will take a portrait alone by leaving the photo shop to his son, who is returning from military service.

If you can read the article to the end, you will see that in the story of the Mehmet Turgut family, who started photography in Elazig, the incredible struggle of the Anatolian people in many branches is a reflection of the photography profession.


Source: & nbsp; Photography Magazine, “Zeynep Orhon Targaç Interview” (August – September 2002)




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