Mehmet Turgut | Photographer


Born on 21st July 1977 in Ankara, Mehmet Turgut is a third-generation photography artist. His destiny was written by his grandfather Mehmet Turgut who was also a photographer and his name father. For many years, he worked on theoretical photography, printing techniques, coloring, and photo editing. In more recent years, Mehmet worked on fictional photography and the art of photography.

Mehmet has won several national and international awards for his work, including awards from the Photographic Society of America and Austria Super Circuit. He also has given many workshops and talks in various institutions such as TEDx Istanbul and Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Mehmet created record covers of Patricia Kaas’ “Best Of” and Ozzy Osbourne’s “Let It Die”.

In 2009, Mehmet was given the “Photography Artist of the Year” award by the Turkish Art Institution. In 2014, he won the “Photographer of the Year” award the One Eye Land Awards.

Mehmet has been the owner and the creative director of the “Karakalem” Magazine since 2008 and the “46” Magazine since 2010. He also published his first photographic book “30” in 2012.

In 2014, Mehmet created the project “Ala Portreler” with names like Ara Guler and Aydin Boysan. He opened his first international exhibition at the Rome Expo Sabatini in Italy.

He continues to produce visual consultancy and content for literary magazines such as Kafa, Ot, Tuhaf, and continues to work at universities as an educator.


  • Piece “Piece” Personal Photography Exhibition – Gallery Kambur (Istanbul)
  • Zoom In / ma Group Photo Exhibition – Gallery Kambur (Istanbul)
  • Let Everyone Hear Photography Exhibition (Istanbul)
  • All Confused I-II-III-IV (Group Photo Exhibition)
  • METU Science Meets Art Photography Exhibition (Ankara, Cyprus)
  • Master Faces of Cinema Photography Exhibition (Adana)
  • 25 Gallery Ilayda Group Photo Exhibition (İstanbul)
  • KAÇUV Where There Is Life, There Is Life Photo Exhibition (Istanbul)
  • Dost Cannot Buy Photo Exhibition (Istanbul)
  • Fiesta Spirit Digital Photography Exhibition / Ford (Istanbul)
  • Photo Exhibition (Adana)
  • Never Give Up Club Photography Exhibition / Pharmaton (İstanbul)
  • Part of the Family Exhibition / Purina (Istanbul)
  • Cocoon Photography Exhibition (Istanbul)
  • International 6th Ankara Photography Days Photo Exhibition
  • Unicef ​​1 We Wish Life Kenya Photography Exhibition (Istanbul)
  • Koza Contemporary Istanbul 2015
  • Istanbul Now Le Meridien Photography Exhibition
  • Antakya International Photo-Film Festival Opening Exhibition
  • Spring Mix “Mixed Exhibition” (Gergedan Sanat, Istanbul)
  • Children’s Photography Exhibition of Adana (Adana)
  • The Portraits Photo Exhibition (Ordu)
  • Ilâ Portraits Photography Exhibition
  • Contemporary Istanbul 2013 “Single Ladies” Photography Exhibition
  • Underwater Suicides Photography Exhibition – Istanbul Yarn Factory (Istanbul)
  • Underwater Suicides Photography Exhibition – Binbirdirek Cistern (Istanbul)
  • Shutter Speed ​​Photo Exhibition
  • Jack Daniels Tennessee Photography Exhibition (Istanbul)
  • UNICEF Stars of Istanbul Group Exhibition
  • Darüşşafaka “Photo Exhibition From 9 to 90” Consultancy
  • “Hope for Van” Exhibition
  • Malatya Film Festival “46 Exhibition”
  • Samsun 19 Mayıs University Exhibition & Talk
  • “5199” Animal Rights Exhibition (Istanbul)
  • “Rock‘ N Frame “Exhibition (İstanbul, Ankara, İzmir, Eskişehir, Budapest)
  • Anatolium Shopping Center “Mehmet Turgut – 46 Exhibition” (Bursa)
  • Red Hut “Animal Rights Photo Exhibition”
  • Sanatorium Opening Exhibition (Istanbul)
  • IFSAK Photography Days Opening Exhibition 09
  • Trends Book 09 Photography Exhibition (Cevahir Shopping Mall, The Hall)
  • Positive Negative Approaches Ankara Vakıfbank Exhibition Hall, Istanbul
  • Italy “Rome” Expo Sabatini Exhibition Hall Personal Photo Exhibition
  • Apple İcan photo contest Photo Exhibition (Istanbul Koç Museum)
  • YTU Yıldız Technical University 6th Amateur Photography Days (Masks)
  • Bilkent University “Masks” (Solo Exhibition)
  • AFAD Adana Photography Amateurs Association (Solo Exhibition)
  • FotoFanClub Sony – Ericcson (Group Photo Exhibition)
  • Düzce “Hope Is Always There” (Group Photo Exhibition)
  • Fotoiz Abant Photography Platform / Studio Portrait Workshop
  • Istanbul Photography House Koç Allianz Gallery “Masks” (Solo Exhibition)
  • Masters Exhibition – Bezginbekir (Diyarbakır)


  • Bronze Medal in Fine-Art Nudes at One Eye Land Awards “Cocoon”
  • International Color Awards “Honor of Distinction” Nude Category
  • One Eye Land Awards Photographer of the Year 2014
  • Trierenberg Super Circuit 2014 Medal in Special Themes / Cover Images
  • Trierenberg Super Circuit 2013 Gold Medal in “Underwater Suicides” Special Themes / Series and Sequences
  • Silver Medal in Fine-Art Portrait category at One Eye Land Awards “5199”
  • Silver Medal in Fine-Art Portrait category at One Eye Land Awards “Underwater Suicides”
  • Gold Medal in the Austrian Super Circuit “EMOTIONS – HUMAN RELATIONS”
  • Photography Magazine National Photography Contest Second Prize
  • Photographic Society of America PSA-Goldmedal / MP – Gold Medal
  • Bronze Medal in the Austrian Super Circuit “COLOR PRINTS GENERAL”
  • Gold Medal in the Austrian Super Circuit “PORTRAIT”
  • Silver Medal and Honor Award in the Balcan Photography Contest “Mask and Faces”
  • Vizon Show “Woman and Color” Photography Contest First Prize
  • T.R. Ministry of Culture and Tourism Photography Contest First Prize
  • Boyner “Love” Photo Contest Third Place and Honorable Mention Award
  • Art Institution 2008-2009 Photography Artist of the Year Award
  • Paris PX3 2010 Second Prize in the “Beauty” category
  • Paris PX3 2010 Second Prize in the “Fine Art” category
  • Moonlife Magazine Best Photographer of the Year Award (Cyprus)