Turgut Family Photo History 5/6


The machine that was given to Mr. Ahmet to take photographs in Gaziantep is Speed ​​Graphic, made in USA, whose shutter works with a broken cover. He explained that he lengthened and shortened the shooting time depending on the skin color of the photographer, and that he worked long lightly if he was a brunette, and short-cut if he had light skin. This story is an adventure anyway. Since it is very difficult to find helpers, Ahmet Bey, who had to sleep in the shop at night when the work is busy, had to leave Gaziantep when the 1960 Revolution occurred because he had been working in the Democrat Party Youth Branch since 1957. He first thought of going to Istanbul, but when he enrolled in the Geography Department of the Faculty of Language, History and Geography, he stayed in Ankara. He starts to make a living by retouching photographers without any pocket money. Fikret Bey was in Ankara at that time and is still a photographer. Their father, Mehmet, is in Gaziantep. Ahmet Bey, who learned to be a photographer between 1960-1961, left the university in the 3rd grade and did his military service as a teacher in the village of Müsellim in Keskin district of Ankara between 1964-1965. He did the rush work of the photographs on Saturdays and Sundays, and other works were retouched in a week by taking 500 films weekly to work in the village, night light.

Mehmet Turgut, who was 66 years old in 1966, came to Ankara by selling his goods in Gaziantep. It establishes Foto Turgut at the Bahçelievler Pazar stop. In 1968, he took over this photo shop, bought a shop in Etlik and established Foto Net, working alone. In 1978, he succumbed to lung cancer and Foto Net closed. Thus ends the legend of Mehmet Turgut.

Source: & nbsp; Photography Magazine, “Talk to Zeynep Orhon Targaç” (August – September 2002)




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