Turgut Family Photo History 4/6


Women from Gaziantep begin to have Emine Hanım, who has been dealing with photography by shooting and printing 6 × 9 rolls with Zeiss Icon machine for years and is pregnant with her second child when she started photography. Mehmet Bey continues to make touch-ups in the time remaining from his office. This order continues until 1956-1957. Fikret Bey, upon his return from military service, goes to Izmir to take lessons from Mustafa Kapkın, one of the famous pastel artists of the time to improve his painting. When he returns to Gaziantep in 1954, he opens a shop called Foto Fikret. Mehmet Bey, who is retired, starts to work with his son in the profession he loves. They worked together until Mr. Fikret left and opened a photography studio in Urfa in 1957. Ahmet Bey, who now carries out his activities in Ankara under the name of Büyük Fotoğraf, earned his living by retouching Foto İpek’s place in Beyazıt, was invited to Gaziantep in 1957 and replaced Mr. Fikret. Since he is a novice, he enters the archive and learns how it was taken by looking at the negative photos. Then he becomes the owner of Gaziantep’s most famous photography studio. The material is scarce and the black market. Films that were not used by the Air Force, were outdated, and air photographed were cut and sold in 9×12, 9×13. While Ferrenia, who entered Syria from Italy and came from Syria illegally, was selling film and paper on the black market, the paper that was 1.5 – 2.0 lira was bought up to 10-12 lira. Until 1960, they used contraband materials. After 1960, they started to procure their materials from Kemal Cevizli’s workplace selling photographic materials.

Source: & nbsp; Photography Magazine, “Zeynep Orhon Targaç Interview” (August – September 2002)




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