Turgut Family Photo History 3/6


Mehmet Turgut, during the war in 1940, & nbsp; & nbsp; He was appointed to Van from Ercis as a military coat officer. He continues photography in addition to his civil service in Van. Leaving the scene and using glass film at home with the Zeiss Icon camera with Carl Zeiss lenses, he takes pictures of Van’s people above the grid.

To print the photograph, he used a red cone on the kerosene lamps and moved the cone up and down to expose it. Her husband, Emine Hanım, provided great support to her by washing the films, drying the photographs, cutting and enveloping them. After staying in Van for 4 years, when his son Fikret was 11 and Ahmet was 6 years old, he came to Gaziantep in the lottery for appointments, and they came to Gaziantep after an adventurous journey.

When the photographers in Gaziantep complain to the governorship and prevent them from taking photographs, they become civil servants for 2 years. When the mobilization was declared in 1947, when the Russians wanted Ardahan, the good conditions of the civil servants before the war worsen during the war.

With a new appointment, he will be appointed to Sarıkamış as Military Field Post Chief. He stays there for three years. Unable to work due to his civil service, Mehmet Bey buys a plot of land and drills a hole in the other wall to get hair light in his photography studio, which he built with a large glass facade. While his son Fikret Bey takes pictures and prints, Mr. Mehmet does the retouching.

Mehmet Bey, who got his share from the civil service, this time in 1951, P.T.T. He will be appointed to Gaziantep as a pen officer. He also opens a photo shop there for Mr. Fikret. Until he went to the military in 1953, photography, shooting and retouching was done by Mr. Fikret. As a remedy for this situation, which was interrupted by the military service, photographic materials were moved to the lower floor of the house and the photo shop was opened on the mother Emine Hanım and her name was put as Photo Family.

& Photography Magazine, “Talk to Zeynep Orhon Targaç” (August – September 2002)




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