Turgut Family Photo History 1/6

This is my story; me, and the history of my story of my family. Member Name proudly wore, Turkey’s grandfather Mehmet Turgut, the story of one of the first photographers … Reviews to sustain the livelihoods of the War of Independence took the machine photograph into the hands of my grandmother winning his identity Emine story of the lady …

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One of the protagonists of this story is Mehmet Turgut, who was aware of the colors and diversity in himself while experiencing the hardship, and who taught this profession to all members of his family by photography during the times of the Russian War and the hardest struggles of Anatolia. >

The other is one of our long-lasting women whom we listen to, read like a fairy tale, not only carry weapons with oxen in war but also fight in war. Emine Turgut, wife of Mehmet Turgut, who uses her quilts in a dark room by taking photos even during their pregnancy.

In 2000, we telephoned Ahmet Turgut, one of his five children, the owner of the “Great Photography” Photography Studio, to write the story of Mehmet Turgut, which started with his birth in 1908, Erzurum, the Çat district, Karer Village. I listened to him in Ankara on January 17, 2001.

Mehmet Turgut’s father, Mahmut Turgut, the lord of the village who survived six men of the family killed during War of Independence, migrated to Elazig with his family when the Russians came to Erzurum. Mahmut Bey fell ill and dies after a short while.

His son, Mehmet Turgut, has a livelihood at the age of seven.

He meets the jewelers in Elazığ and takes sugar, grapes, roasted chickpeas to the villages and starts selling the jewelery pieces such as gold and silver collected from the villagers to the jewelers, and starts to do “trashy”, which was a very valid profession before. In the 5th grade, as he is very successful in his lessons, he starts to earn a living by giving lessons to the children of their families who are well-off of the school.

When he wants to learn French, he learns to speak and write French by taking lessons from the priest he met in primary school. When his talent and curiosity for painting is noticed by his art teacher, he begins to paint. Thanks to bookbinding, which he learned when he graduated from primary school, he earns 3-5 cents from there by making volumes in school. The art teacher sells the alarm machine he bought from Istanbul to his very successful student Mehmet, who then teaches him to take photographs to pay in installments for 50 lira, which was a teacher’s salary at the time. When he earns 2.5 lira from the first photo he takes, he leaves the school he studied until the middle three and starts photography.

At the age of 18 she marries Emine Hanim.

Mehmet Bey, who is heard to take cheaper photographs than photographers in Diyarbakır, is summoned to take photographs of officers from Diyarbakır’s Maden accident. When the civil servants who did not learn the new alphabet were dismissed in 1927, Mehmet Bey, who knew the Latin letters because of the French he learned, told the officers “I will teach you the new alphabet”. Therefore, the “P.T.T. He moved his house from Elazığ to Diyarbakır to write a petition in the new alphabet and start his job at the Chief Directorate upon the suggestion of “Apply to the Directorate, take a photo and get a salary”.

As long as she works as a civil servant, she always thinks of opening her own photo shop and learns retouching by looking at the retouched photos.

Nine years later, he was appointed to the Ercis district of Van. After a very challenging journey, he started to work as a civil servant, photography, as well as plaster statuettes and piggy banks for three years in Erciş.

Since the law required everyone to hang flags in their homes in those years, Mr. Mehmet started to sell the flags he made from red and white handcrafted paper according to the legal measures.

Source: & nbsp; Photography Magazine, “Talk to Zeynep Orhon Targaç” (August – September 2002)




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